Ashley T

Brazilian Sugaring: I learned about sugaring when I met Natalie, I had struggled with ingrown hairs for years getting 10-20 bad ones after every wax. After completing the sugar I was not sure if it would help. 6 weeks later I can say I only had one ingrown also much less pain during the service. I am so impressed I will never wax again sugaring from here on out!

Marilyn M.

After my first session with Natalie (which was seriously life changing) I called my best friend and told her “I’m a whole new woman!” Although the hard wax was a bit daunting during the application process, Natalie was aware of my nerves and kept me calm throughout the entire process, she even taught me a little trick about wiggling my toes right before the wax is pulled off to keep my body from tensing up. Since my first appointment, I have returned a number of times and am now completely committed to the sugaring instead of the hard wax. There is a significantly less amount of discomfort during the actual removal process and it lasts a really long time.

Jennifer K.

The environment is really nice and clean! I’ve come here for waxing which has been painless and easy. Next on the list to try is one of Natalie’s organic facials.

Sarah J.

I woke up this morning, looked in the mirror (as usual) but today, I actually said Holy Crap, my skin looks amazing! So. I wanted to share that with you.

Nick M.


Atmosphere was clean and professional. Natalie was awesome and quick, and she explained the waxing process thoroughly. I will definitely be coming back.